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I don’t normally write my blogs about resumes and interviewing actually on this website.  However, after watching the following commercial, it occurred to me that when you write your resume, Your “Summary of Qualifications”  on the top part of the resume is actually branding who you are and what you offer to a company.

Although usually branding may be a short sentence that describes what a product or service is all about, as in this case, and many other branding statements we have heard all our lives.  Examples:  “Home of the Whopper”, “Bet you can’t eat just one”, and all the others we are so familiar with in our society.

Your Summary of Qualifications is an overview of what your career has been about so far and all the wonderful skills or talents you are bringing to a new employer.

What does your resume say about you? 

Make sure that your Summary of Qualifications brands you as an individual that a future employer wants to meet to discover if you fit his or her requirements for an open position.  Remember those critical 10 to 20 seconds that the employer is going to give to reading your resume and make those seconds count for you.

If you have a job description, be sure to include all the keywords that you find in the description that fit you.  Today’s job seeker has to fit the description extremely close to get the face-to-face opportunity for a position.

Therefore, it is a good idea to be ready to make changes to your resume to include words, skills and talents that the prospective employer is looking for on the resume.  In addition to getting the employer or recruiter’s attention, today many searches are strictly done with keywords and software that is designed to find those words.

Brand yourself with those keywords in your resume.  Today, it is important to even show specific products, softwares, and industries you have worked with.  Looking at resumes everyday for particular positions, I am looking for the words that are included in my description.

Another part of your branding on your resume, is what are your personal traits that you feel an employer should know about you.

Are you a loyal, dedicated employee?

Are you a self motivated individual?

Do you have a strong work ethic?

Are you a teamplayer, good manager, organized, and able to adapt to new situations?

These are just a few of the personal traits that you might possess that would be beneficial to most employers.

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Since I have revised my “love affair” with graphics, branding and logos, it has been fun to “float” around the internet and see what experts in the field are saying about today’s industry trends.

One of the websites that I found very interesting is:

Richard Saueman’s website, The Brand Guy.

His website is full of good information. Here is a quote from the first page of his website regarding branding.

“We each have three brand names:
1. the one we inherited.
2. the one our parents gave us.
3. the one we make for our self.”


FPP Websites want your business web designs to stand out in a crowd

Of course, another thing I did was look up the definition of “branding”.

(Guess The School Teacher in me is not dead.)

Definition: According to

The process involved in creating a unique name and image for a product in the consumers‘ mind,

mainly through advertising campaigns with a consistent theme.

Branding aims to establish a significant and differentiated presence in the market that attracts and retains loyal customers.

Coca Cola - Branding

I remember one of my “bright ideas” for a resale store was: Atypical Attic. I loved the name. I drew the logo (with a cat and a hat rack), and created the branding for it. Of course I ran out and made the business cards, stationary, and envelopes and was ready to start my new company. I was so excited about Atypical Attic until it came down to working it. What I had done, without realizing it, was come up with an idea for a company, based on things that I liked to do. However, when it came to “doing the work”, which included garage sales, and running a storefront, the excitement went away.

Not long after that, I started:

Future Prospects Personnel Service, Inc.

My Branding Tag Line:  Open The Door To Success.

My card was two-sided and had a door on the front of the card.

Future Prospects offered me all the same opportunities to create the name, design the logo and create the brand, but with a different approach. Future Prospects still had many of the goals that I had for my life such as helping people and supporting myself, but without taking the fun out of some of the things I enjoyed on my leisure time.

What is your brand? How do you want others to recognize and understand what you or your company  can provide that similar companies or individuals cannot. What makes you different? Why would someone want to hire or work with you instead of others? How do you see your purpose in what you are providing to others? These are questions that each of us should ask ourselves as small or local businesses, and also as a job seeker.

Your company is You.

Brand yourself to fit “who you are“, “what you offer” and “what makes your services special“.

I hope you visit Mr. Saueman’s website. I found his blogs very interesting. His viewpoint is unique, which is what attracts me.

What are your unique points?

If you do visit The Brand Guy’s website, I suggest reading his blog entitled: “What Kind of Fish” which he posted October 12, 2012. I loved it!

Much luck and success with your business – Always.

Debbie Foster

Thanks for reading.  Let me know your thoughts on branding your resume.

Some of the job search sites, ask you to brand yourself when you are entering your resume.  Don’t forget to use your keywords, so that you can be found when recruiters or employers are searching for new candidates.

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Many Thanks for the use of the Coca-Cola Sign:

This seems to be the latest style of “Coca-Cola” branding. A subtle, but noticeable, change from J5252 : “Coca-Cola” sign, Killyleagh. In Patterson’s Place J3374 : Patterson’s Place, Belfast.  © Copyright Albert Bridge and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence


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