Houston Unemployment 2013 & 2014

Houston Unemployment 2013 – What About 2014?

It has always been the mission of this Houston Job Opportunities Houston unemploymentWebsite to give you information regarding unemployment statistics in Houston and the surrounding area.  Over the past three years, the improvement in the Houston unemployment numbers has shown remarkable improvement.  From 8.8% when I started this website in 2010 to 5.9% in April/2013, the drop is a great number to see.

We must try to take into account seasonal employees and those individuals that have just decided to quit looking for employment in their field.  Although we, as recruiting and staffing companies have seen an increase in job openings in the Houston, Texas area, we have also seen a decrease in companies that are willing to be flexible on the requirements they will accept for the current job openings.

The following article does put a depressing tone to the job market for 2014.  I hope that the writer is wrong in his assessment.  It will be a matter of wait and see for us.

Houston is one of the best job markets today in comparison to so many.  As a recruiter that places job applicants primarily in the Houston, Texas area, I am happy to see the amount of openings that we do have for the area. Let’s hope our job market continues on in a positive fashion.

Unemployment Will Get Worse in 2014 | LinkedIn

Business leaders around the country tell me they’re not thinking about new hires right now. Rather, their sole focus is on how to win new customers. Too few people know this, but employees follow customer growth, not the other way around. Most importantly, businesses want to survive. They’ve cut everything to the bone and stored cash, and they won’t risk anything until they experience customer growth. New hires don’t solve their problems.



Today’s job market is so dependent upon so many factors, with confidence in what is happening in our government and what is happening around the globe, being contributors to the whole picture.  

Houston job market is rebounding nicely and making it easier to find a job in Houston, TexasHouston, itself, is doing very well in the exporting business, actually doing better than New York in the last findings that I read.  The Houston job market is one of the best job markets today and, as time goes by, we will learn just how accurate the previous predictions affect the local area.

Employment opportunities are difficult to come by for so many individuals already.  We can only hope that our economy begins to open doors for these people in the future.

Best of Luck To All of You.

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