Houston Job Market: “ABC13 Eyewitness News Houston -& Greater Houston Partnership”

Houston Job Market is improving but many of Houston’s job seekers are still having difficult times getting a job.  With so many individuals looking for work, Houston’s job growth seems to some that Houston’s job market is not growing fast enough for all of it’s job seekers.  The following video  from ABC13 Eyewitness News and Greater Houston Partnership’s, Jeff Moseley, sheds some light on Houston’s job market recovery expectations.

 Houston job Market:

ABC13 Eyewitness News Houston -Discussion regarding

2013—Houston Jobs with Greater Houston Partnership.

ABC13 Eyewitness News Houston – Houston Jobs – Greater Houston Partnership

“ABC13 Eyewitness News Houston – Houston Jobs – Greater Houston Partnership | Jeff Moseley.”,

I found this video from Houston’s Eyewitness News – Channel 13 regarding expectations for Houston Job Market in 2013. We just ended our first six months of 2013 and I thought it would be interesting to review the predictions and evaluate where Houston’s Job Market is today.   The video may explain why some individuals still cannot find employment, although Houston’s job growth is showing improvement.

As, this website has discussed before, there are new jobs being created today for our Houston Job Market, however, these jobs are very specific in requirements.  When applying for any jobs today, the applicant needs to be very specific about his skills and let the employer or recruiter know immediately that he or she possesses the qualifications required.

As of the writing of this article,

the unemployment rate for Houston, Texas and the Sugarland, Texas area is 5.9% at the end of April/2013.

(Steady improvement from our 2010 numbers.)

Wishing you much success in your job search!

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