Funny Job Stories

Funny Job Stories

Finding a job is all about people interacting together. 

Is there any surprise that there are a lot of

funny job stories

on the internet today?

If you talk to some of my long-time recruiting friends, you know that I have always wanted to do a sit-com of some of the stories we have to tell each other.

Hope you enjoy some Job Search Funny Stuff that I am constantly collecting.

Hope you enjoy some funny job stories that I am always collecting.

“I’m not wanted in this state.”

“How many young women work here?”

“I didn’t steal it; I just borrowed it.”

“You touch somebody and they call it sexual harassment!”

“I’ve never heard such a stupid question.”

“Believe it or not, the above statements weren’t overhead in bars or random conversations — they were said in job interviews.Maybe you were nervous, you thought the employer would appreciate your honesty, or maybe you just have no boundaries. Whatever the reason, you can be certain that you shouldn’t tell an interviewer that it’s probably best if they don’t do a background check on you. (And yes, the hiring manager remembered you said that.)”

 Happy April Fool's Day

43 Wierd Things Said In A Job Interview



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 When I first started investigating the internet in 2009, I found these cartoons by Michael H. Marks.  His website is  He has great marketing ideas for businesses and he has these for the HR industry.  


FOR MORE FUN CARTOONS From Michael H. Marks:  


Is your new job a lemon?


When a woman applies for a job at a citrus grove, the foreman asks, “Do
you have any experience picking lemons?”

“Well,” the woman answers, “I’ve been divorced three times.”



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 A Man Walks Into An Interview In A Bunny Suit.….

Article written by Mary Lorenz

Happy Easter!

This is one of the first cartoons that I found when I started out as a recruiter.  (I still think it is funny...hope you do too.)

This is one of the first cartoons that I found when I started out as a recruiter. (I still think it is funny…hope you do too.)….don’t know who to give credit to on this cartoon.


 “Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans.”

John Lennon



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